Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Schwettmann Technologies
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Schwettmann Technologies

Our Solution

  • D365 Customer engagement functionality leveraged for desired solution.
  • Customization Sales module for contract management and Account Management
  • Customization of campaign management for service base campaigns to manage contract changes.
  • Email parsing for automation of case creation from structured and unstructured emails.
  • Integration with AI system to manage the key insight of email content.
  • Micro service architecture to manage complex systems that can be decomposed into modular, granular, independently written and deployable pieces.
  • Custom entity to manage Account, Partner and service campaigns.
  • SharePoint integration to manage documents and auto creation of contracts.
  • Robust solution framework to increase performance.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Schwettmann Technologies

Key Drivers of Engagement

  • Streamline pf process to manage account and partner details.
  • Sales and lead management
  • Provide tools to efficiently and effectively manage contract life cycle.
  • Automate case creation from structured and unstructured email of customer.
  • Ability to accommodate enhancements and extensions of contract as and when business progresses/changes to manage contract renewal service campaigns.
  • Solutions to manage carrier to provide FTTH service to end customer
Schwettmann Technologies

Key Benefits

  • New Integrated Customer Experience
  • Automation of contract life cycle management
  • Operational Excellence due to automation of case creation and auto assignment
  • Auto distribution of service base campaign to mange contract renewal and expiry
  • Accelerate response time due to email parsing and auto assignment of case.
  • Improve first-call resolution and handling times to yield higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
Schwettmann Technologies


  • D365 Customer Engagement
    • Sales
    • Services
    • Marketing
  • SharePoint for document management
  • Azure DevOps for requirements management and CI/CD pipeline
  • Azure Function for reusability
  • Type Script for Plugin development