Microsoft SharePoint is a platform for document management and collaboration designed to help in the management of documents, papers, reports, and other content essential to an organization’s business operations. The enterprise content management features of SharePoint are beneficial to businesses across all sectors and regions.

SharePoint is configured using a web browser. It provides most of its capabilities via a web user interface (UI) and web application development. SharePoint is used to manipulate content and site structure, create and delete sites, enable and disable product features, configure basic workflows, and manage analytics.

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Schwettmann Technologies

Sharing is simple, and collaboration is seamless

SharePoint facilitates collaboration by providing customizable team sites for projects, departments, and divisions. On these sites, resources, news, documents, and data can be shared securely. To promote teamwork, the websites can be designed to be intuitive for users. SharePoint enables seamless collaboration on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices for team members within and outside an organization.

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Engage and educate your organisation.

SharePoint intranets can unite employees by providing shared resources and applications on home pages and portals, improving organizational efficiency. Visually appealing communication sites help convey an organization’s narrative. Employees can stay up-to-date with personalized, relevant news on SharePoint websites and mobile applications.

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Utilize collective knowledge

In order to find knowledge, insights, and intelligence that will help you make wise decisions and take effective action, SharePoint provides strong search capabilities and user-friendly information learning. Its advanced content management system combined with Yammer and other collaborative technologies makes it possible for a business to learn quickly and efficiently. With connections and interactions enhanced by Yammer and SharePoint at your fingertips, important information to advance your company is always just a click away.

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Business processes must be transformed.

SharePoint streamlines processes, from basic notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows. Create rich digital experiences using SharePoint lists, libraries, Power automate, and Power Apps to optimize workflows across all devices. Automate and transform manual processes to increase productivity at scale.


Achieve Your Digital Workplace Goals with Our SharePoint Consultants

Schwettmann Technologies is your trusted partner for achieving your digital workplace goals with our specialized Microsoft SharePoint consulting services. Microsoft SharePoint serves as a powerful document management and collaboration platform, helping companies streamline their business processes by managing archives, documents, reports, and other critical content.

Why Choose Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services?

Even while SharePoint contains capabilities that are ready to use out of the box, businesses frequently look for ways to modify the platform to meet their unique needs. Our highly trained dynamics 365 consulting services  give experienced help in the planning and implementation of SharePoint, bringing with it a number of benefits, including the following:

Accurate Planning

From the start, our Microsoft SharePoint consultants are your strategic collaborators, giving important assistance in the design and planning stages of your SharePoint solution. We establish the groundwork for a strong digital workplace through rigorous planning, taking into account your specific business goals, objectives, and future scalability. Our goal is to develop a SharePoint environment that works in tandem with your existing organizational structure and improves overall efficiency.

Extended Functionality

We go beyond SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features by utilizing our substantial knowledge. To increase the platform’s capability, our consultants use third-party technologies, integrate web parts, and enter into customized SharePoint development. This unique strategy guarantees that SharePoint becomes a dynamic asset for your firm, perfectly aligned with your business goals. We fine-tune SharePoint to match your individual needs, whether it’s boosting collaboration, document management, or workflow optimization.

User Adoption

Knowing that technology is only as good as the people who use it, our experts go beyond simply describing how SharePoint works. We actively interact with your staff, giving hands-on help, debugging issues, and establishing a smooth adoption culture within your firm. We ensure that SharePoint becomes an important part of your everyday operations by resolving user concerns and ensuring a smooth transition, improving collaboration and productivity at all levels.

Improved ROI

We understand the significance of a strong return on investment (ROI) for any technological project. Not only do our experts try to reduce deployment costs, but they also aggressively explore cost-saving possibilities throughout the SharePoint implementation process. We help to improve overall ROI by optimizing the value gained from your SharePoint solution. This deliberate strategy ensures that your SharePoint investment yields concrete benefits in terms of both efficiency gains and financial returns.

Our SharePoint Consulting Services Suite

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over years of experience a division of Schwettmann Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Sharepoint consulting services. Explore the possibilities of SharePoint’s core capabilities with our expert guidance:

Simple Sharing and Seamless Collaboration: Foster collaboration with dynamic and productive team sites. Customize your website to facilitate easy collaboration across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, both within and outside your organization.

Engage and Educate Your Organisation: Create cohesion and share common resources and applications. Beautiful communication sites help you tell your story, keeping your organization informed and educated.

Utilise Collective Knowledge: SharePoint’s powerful search and intelligent information discovery tools enable your organization to maximize knowledge velocity. Connect with valuable insights and conversations that surfaced in Yammer.

Transform Business Processes: Increase productivity by transforming processes, from simple tasks to complex operational workflows. Create rich digital experiences for every device using SharePoint lists and libraries, Power Automate, and Power Apps.

Join Us on the Journey to a Digital Workplace

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Frequently Asked Question

SharePoint is used for intranets, document management, project management, workflows, and as a centralized place to store, organize, share, and access information.

SharePoint offers free plans but full functionality requires SharePoint server or paid SharePoint online subscriptions.

 OneDrive is personal cloud storage while SharePoint enables collaborating across teams and entire organizations. SharePoint also has more features for enterprise content management.

 Creating a SharePoint site requires permissions from IT admins who deploy SharePoint server or a subscription to create sites within SharePoint Online in Office 365.

No. SharePoint is not designed for usage by individual consumers. It is enterprise software meant for organizations and teams. To actively use SharePoint’s collaboration features like creating team sites, sharing documents internally, and adding intranet pages, you need access granted by an organization that manages its own on-prem SharePoint server or pays for SharePoint Online subscriptions as part of Microsoft 365 commercial plans.