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No matter what industry you specialize in, a tailed CRM solution will give you a competitive advantage. Get the competitive advantage in your core operations with real-time reporting, customer insights and more.

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  1. CRM and business support systems that are effective connect sales, marketing, Contract Management and customer service across all telecoms relationships.
  2. Partners, distributors, retailers, service providers, and direct and indirect sales channels are all included. Microsoft Dynamics 365 assists telecommunications providers in managing their various processes and developing customer-centric operations.
Schwettmann Technologies


  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 services are the ideal solution for your oilfield company.
  2. To meet the never-ending challenges of the energy sector, we have excellent consulting experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our team can create a comprehensive software solution tailored to the needs of all oilfield services organisations.
Schwettmann Technologies


1. Customer Acquisition

Attract prospective customers by personalizing interactions and increase sales team productivity by automating the sales process

2. Customer Onboarding

Onboard new customers with ease and efficiently engage them to build loyalty.

3. Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction by predicting customer issues and proactively resolving issues.

4. Operations Optimization

Help reduce operational costs through process automation.

Schwettmann Technologies


1. Pre-Visit

Provide patients with the resources they need to conduct research, connect with providers, and schedule appointments.

2. Provider Visit

Allow health care teams to collaborate and coordinate patient care.

3. Treatment Strategy

Give patients the tools and resources they need to understand and support their treatment.

4. Post-visit

Make insight-driven recommendations that improve patient outcomes and foster long-term engagement.

Schwettmann Technologies


1. Customer acquiring

Increase sales team productivity by personalising interactions with prospective customers and increasing sales team productivity by automating the sales process.

2. Onboarding of Policyholders

Personalize and engage policyholders through automated processes on their preferred channel.

3. Policyholder Backing

Allow customers to seek assistance with problems through the channels of their choice.

4. Optimization of operations

Reduce operational costs by using AI to manage risk and powerful low-code automation to streamline processes.

5. Optimization of operations

Make insight-driven decisions based on real-time data to boost growth and agility.