Why Microsoft Dynamics Consultants Should Register for the 365 Talent Portal

Dillip Parida

Dillip Parida

The need for consultants with deployment and customization experience is greater than the supply of experts due to the continued acceleration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services. To modernize operations, businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to multinational corporations, are investing in Dynamics ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and business analytics capabilities on the Power Platform.

Significant opportunities arise for Microsoft partners as a result. Still, maintaining pipelines filled is difficult, even for trained consultants and VARs, due to the sheer volume of new Dynamics projects.

Microsoft has unveiled the 365 Talent Portal as a means of providing Microsoft Dynamics consultants with a valuable avenue to acquire incremental projects that diversify your company’s clientele and demonstrate your competence to potential long-term customers.

What is the 365 Talent Portal?

For short-term Dynamics 365 engagements, businesses can connect with independent dynamics consultants, developers, trainers, and technical project managers through the 365 Talent Portal.

Its design is similar to those of other significant vendor project markets. However, assignments pertaining to Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Power Apps, and Microsoft Cloud for Industry Solutions are only available through the 365 Talent Portal.

Businesses that want assistance with Dynamics initiatives, such as app development, migrations, integrations, or user adoption for new workflows, can post projects that outline the necessary skills, scope, and timeframe. Registered consultants can then examine and bid on these projects.

Consider it as a unique, Dynamics 365-focused online talent hub run by Microsoft’s network of technical partners.

Build a strategy to attract Dynamics talent in 5 steps

  • Promote your Dynamics culture and growth: Highlight your success supporting and implementing Dynamics solutions and strong future growth. Top talent wants to join thriving practices.
  • Invest in employee development/certification: Offer to pay for Dynamics certifications, conference participation, and training. This demonstrates your commitment to keeping skills current.
  • Sell growth opportunities: Dynamics experts want career growth and increasing challenges. Outline career progression, leadership pathways, and merit-based advancement for high performers.
  • Spotlight meaningful project work: Feature innovative Dynamics solutions or transformation successes your team delivered for reputable brands. Talent wants to up-level capabilities.
  • Offer location/schedule flexibility: Leading Dynamics talent often values autonomy and work/life integration. Accommodate remote work or flexible hours to expand your talent search.

For the top Dynamics developers, designers, and consultants, there is fierce competition. Experts look for growth prospects as well as meaningful, stimulating employment, even though salary is important. Employ these techniques to draw in and keep the best employees to support business solutions on the Power Platform.

Key Benefits for Microsoft Dynamics Consultants Joining the 365 Talent Portal

  • Win New Business: Through the Portal, dynamics consultants can directly access a qualified pipeline of short-term Dynamics projects at companies seeking to add more personnel to their current teams. In between larger contracts, these fixed-fee assignments offer revenue filling that keeps specialized Dynamics talent billable.
  • Diversify Client Portfolio: By taking on portal projects, consultants can broaden their marketable experience by interacting with and impressing clients in new industries. Performing well for these clients also acts as a screening test for advising positions that extend beyond the initial assignment.
  • Attain New Microsoft Credentials & Badges: You can validate your skills to potential clients by earning additional Microsoft certification badges, such as “Dynamics 365 Customization” and “Dynamics 365 Deployment,” by completing tactical Portal tasks.
  • Gain Insights into Emerging Dynamics 365 Capabilities: Early adopter customers testing or implementing emerging Dynamics 365 and Power Platform capabilities often post projects seeking help. Consulting on cutting-edge tools equips you with insider insights on high-demand solutions.
  • Showcase Abilities to Prospective Clients: For prospective customers looking to evaluate partners who can assist their Dynamics success, a polished consultant profile on the 365 Talent Portal that highlights your skills, experiences, methodology, case studies, and customer testimonials acts as a dynamic brochure.

Time to Register as a Dynamics Consultant with the 365 Talent Portal

As dynamic consultants gain expertise in Microsoft’s latest Cloud for Industry solutions for the industrial, healthcare, and retail sectors, signing up for the 365 Talent Portal offers an alluring opportunity to enhance current workflows with targeted short-term assignments.

These collaborations offer chances to win over new customers and grow existing clientele beyond initial tasks. In order to close larger sales, they additionally strengthen their credentials by earning Microsoft certification badges.


In conclusion, using the 365 Talent Portal to register as a Microsoft Dynamics consultant provides a calculated way to negotiate the competitive environment and take advantage of profitable prospects. The portal acts as a doorway for consultants to access a variety of projects, from short-term engagements to long-term advisory positions, as demand for Dynamics 365 solutions increases. In addition to getting access to a certified project pipeline, consultants who join this unique platform also diversify their clientele, earn new Microsoft certifications, and keep up with the latest developments in Dynamics 365. Register with the 365 Talent Portal right now to avoid missing the opportunity to advance your career and demonstrate your knowledge.

To learn more about registering your consultancy as a service provider within the 365 Talent Portal talent ecosystem, contact our team today.

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